Those sad eyes looking up at me. He knows what I’m thinking. I feel bad. Well, just one tiny bite off my plate…

Begging is a common problem. But one that is easily fixed if the you can rise above those “sad eyes” and do what is best for your relationship with your dog.

Follow these simple steps to stop your dog from begging:

1-     Never again can you give a dog a sample from the place where you are eating. If your dog thinks there is the smallest hope that he can win you over by staring at you, he will try.

2-     Tell your dog what you want them to do instead of begging.  My dogs know that as soon as we sit down to dinner, they are to lay down under the table.  All I had to do was put a leash on them and put them under there.  They caught on in a day or so. If you prefer to have your dog out of the room in which you are eating, give them a new place to be (ex. “lay down on your rug”), and be consistent with making them stay there. Wherever you choose to have your dog, they should be calm. When you eat, ideally your dog should be resting or sleeping.

3-     There is nothing wrong with feeding your dog scraps of meat or vegetable. Save it on your plate and give it to your dog away from the table or put it in their own food bowl.  It’s also best to make your dog work for their food. Tidbits from dinner are a great way to reinforce the basic obedience commands.