The key to successfully passing other dogs on your walk is early intervention. You must correct your dog the moment they begin fixating on the approaching dog. Do not allow eye contact and you will not have to deal with any barking, lunging, or over excitement. If you wait to correct until after your dog is already at level ten, there isn’t much you can do except hang on to the other end of the leash. Remember to stay calm. Resist the urge to tense up on the leash as you approach another dog. Give a leash correction (via a snap and release movement) and continue to walk forward, feeling calm and in control with no tension on the leash.

If your dog likes to lie down and “hunt” an approaching dog, please do not allow them to do this! They are hunting the approaching dog in a dominant way and usually there’s a big explosion as the other dog gets closer to you. Intervene quickly—keep moving. If the approaching dog looks out of control or is “hunting” you and your dog, it may not be a bad idea to step to the side and ask your dog to calmly sit, letting them pass you.

If you notice your dog’s excitement continuing to escalate as you approach another dog, don’t keep moving. Stop and snap your dog out of it. When your dog seems calm again, you can continue to walk.

It won’t take long before your dog understands what you’re asking from them and will soon be passing other dogs like a champ! Good luck! Stay calm!