Investing in a backpack is a great way to tire your dog out quickly on a walk since it forces your dog to concentrate on its job; they remain focused on carrying the backpack instead of becoming distracted by other things.

I have found the Quick Release Backpack to be my favorite because it distributes the weight along the dog’s body and has lots of storage space. It has pockets that are a good size for carrying water bottles! You can find a link to purchase the Quick Release Backpack on to the right.

To introduce your dog to the backpack, take her on a nice long walk first. Then bring her into the house, keeping her calm. I would suggest putting a water bottle or two in each side depending on the size of your dog. Put the backpack on and adjust the straps. Don’t allow her to show any excitement. Ideally she should stand nicely and wait. Then take her outside on another walk. Best to create a positive association and get her used to it by walking outside vs. being in the house. For some dogs the difference with the backpack happens instantaneously. For other dogs, it takes a week or so for them to get into “work mode”. I wouldn’t put the backpack on for quick potty trips, but if you’re going to go on a substantial hike, then put it on by all means. We also tend to put on our dog’s backpacks when we have guests over because of the way it keeps the dogs calm.

(Me and my sweet in-laws)