I never cease to be amazed when I go to a dog park or shelter and see how many pets are not spayed or neutered. There has been a lot of publicity regarding this issue in recent years but just in case you’re still undecided as to the necessity of this simple procedure, let me help clarify some myths.

According to the humane society 50% of all animals in shelters will be euthanized. Our country is incredibly overpopulated with dogs. By choosing to alter your pet, you are saving the lives of animals in shelters.

Many don’t want to get their animal spayed or neutered because they think the surgery is expensive. However, many shelters offer low-cost or even free sterilization surgery for your pet.

By choosing to not neuter your dog and yet not breed him, you are causing him sexual frustration and he will be more prone to show dominance. Un-neutered pets at a dog park have a much higher chance of getting into a fight since their hormonal levels and dominance are so high. Un-spayed females can attract dogs from miles around. If your female is in-heat do not allow her to be unsupervised for even a minute. Many un-intentional pregnancies have  happened in a fenced-in backyard; an un-neutered male jumps the fence and suddenly, you’ve got puppies.

The biggest reason I hear for people to not alter their pet is that they are afraid it will change their pet’s “personality”. Your pet does not know if it is intact or not. Period. If your pet changes in any negative way after surgery, it is actually because you have changed. Don’t feel sorry for your animal and thus show it weak energy. Continue to treat your dog with the same leadership and he will continue to respect you and live a normal happy life.