Many pet owners think that all dog food is the same, but unfortunately that’s not true. Take a look at the first three ingredients on your dog food package. Is protein or meat listed as one of them? Corn and “meal” is just filler, your dog can’t digest it. Many of the brands of dog food which are being promoted even in veterinary clinics offer little or no real nutrition for your dog (ex. Science Diet and Eukanuba). I feed my dogs Purina One Chicken and Rice Smart Blend. It’s 26% protein and has meaty chunks in it. We have seen a huge difference since changing to this brand of dog food in their coat condition–very shiny. If you wish to feed wet food or half wet- half dry that’s fine. It’s just important that your carnivore gets his protein and vitamins!

If your dog turns up his nose at his food bowl or doesn’t finish his food everyday, consider switching to a higher protein food, lessening the amount you feed, or exercising him first. It’s not normal for a dog not to have an appetite. Lead your dog!