The idea of teaching your dog to use the bathroom inside the house seems like a rather nice idea at first. When it’s cold out or when you’re on an airplane, you could command your dog to go, and he would. Saves time, saves effort, why not? Sadly it’s not as easy as you think it would be.

I have recently gotten to know several dogs who’s owners claimed that he/she is “house-trained” and “paper trained”. Unfortunately this is not the case. All of these dogs have issues knowing where to go in the house. As soon as they were rewarded for relieving themselves in the house, they just continued to do so–everywhere.

When you ask a dog to use the bathroom inside a house or kennel you are working against nature. Dogs in the wild instinctively don’t go in their dens. If you can, don’t work against instincts when you’re training your dog, try to work with them or through them.

Dogs who are paper-trained:

1- They often miss. It’s quite hard for most dogs to limit their potty area to a 2 foot square.

2- They often go in other parts of the house, not just the training pad

3- Usually they don’t like to go potty outside if they often go inside.

4-Dogs that go in the house are rarely taken on walks. Your dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise daily!

5- Those potty pads can get expensive, and newspaper can get smelly (and you must change every time your dog goes on a pad)

So even though paper training sounds like a nice option, think twice before attempting it. It’s not as great as it sounds. Get your dog on a strict schedule and reward when they alleviate outside.  If your dog tends to pee or poo in your house when you’re not looking, leash them up and attach them to your belt. That way you can always keep an eye out and make sure they adhere to your routine.

Lastly, stay calm and cool. Don’t let a few accidents get you worked up. Lead your dog!