I just heard a story about a couple who lost their beloved dog and instead of taking the time to grieve, they got another one about 4 weeks later. They were expecting their new dog to be just like their first dog, but instead dog number two was brought into an unbalanced home where it was expected to fit into the mold of a dog it never knew. If and when you lose a dog, please take the time to mourn the loss. Make sure you are balanced before you think about adopting a new dog. Don’t expect the new dog to be a replacement for the dog you lost. If you expect your new dog to be similar in personality to your previous dogs, you will only set yourself up for frustration. It might be helpful to consider adopting a dog that is a different breed to the dog that passed away so that you will be less likely to compare the two. Every family will take a different amount of time to grieve over the loss of a pet. Only be willing to adopt a new dog when you can celebrate the diversity that comes from every dog’s unique personality. Embrace the process of training your new dog instead of expecting him or her to be a fulfillment of your unexpressed needs. Lead well, lead calmly, lead with joy.