Anyone who has ever owned or seriously ridden horses knows that you have to teach your horse to move away from pressure (this goes for your whole body when you’re on the ground, and when in the saddle: legs, rear, and reins). When you press your leg into your horses’ side, they move in the other direction to get away from the pressure. When you lay your left rein on your horses’ neck, he will move to the right.

This week I want to challenge you to communicate this to your dog. Try to get her to understand that tension and pressure should be avoided. Any tension on the leash should be deliberate and momentary to help reiterate the point that tension is bad. Touch your dog and see if you can get her to move away from your hand. Get your dog to give your body space. Can you turn your dog around without touching her, simply by moving your body?

Try it! It’s kinda of fun to challenge your dog this way and it teaches them to respect your space and makes them long for no pressure or tension! Lead your dog!