This week I would like to encourage you to learn to see your dog’s unwanted behavior before it escalates. There is huge power in nipping a behavior in the bud at level two instead of trying to get your dog to stop doing a behavior when his excitement is already at level 10. Here are some examples:

Discipline your dog for smelling the garbage can before he actually picks something out of it.

If your dog becomes aggressive towards other dogs when on a walk, discipline as soon as he begins to fixate on another dog–do not wait until he’s already lunging and barking.

Correct your dog for crowding your guests, don’t wait until he’s jumped on them.

Correct your dog for giving tense eye-contact to another dog, instead of waiting until they’re lunging at each other.

You get the idea. Learn to nip things in the bud before they escalate and you’ll be much more successful with your discipline. Remember to stay calm and assertive. Lead your dog!