It is important to clean your dog’s ears periodically. Especially after playing in water, having a bath, being out in the rain, if your dog has hair in his ears, or if you notice a smell or black wax buildup. Hounds and pointers are especially prone to ear infections due to the shape of their ears and lack of air flow within the ear canals. To clean your dog’s ears you will need ear cleaning solution and cotton balls. Do NOT use cotton swabs (Q-tips) or insert your finger into the ear as you can easily puncture the ear drum without realizing. You can follow this link for a review on the type of ear cleaning solution that I use.

Clean your dog’s ears when they are tired and calm (after a walk or in the evenings is a good time). Pour some solution directly into the ear and gently massage the bottom of the ear (you should be able to hear the solution moving around). Using cotton balls, gently wipe out the ear until it is dry. Allowing your dog to shake it’s head helps break down any wax buildup. Let him shake, and then dry again with cotton balls.  Lead your dog!