After 1 1/2 years, I’m still not satisfied where Princeton is at on the walk. He still tends to go in front of me. So I realized two weeks ago that I haven’t been following through on leash corrections. I would snap the leash and have him back up until he was next to me again, but his mind never snapped out of “move forward” mode. As soon as I would walk again, he would push the limit again. So I decided to step it up a notch and make him give me eye contact after every leash corrections. I give him a vocal correction or snap him, he backs up, and then I step in front of him (facing him). If he gives me eye contact we move forward again. If he doesn’t give me eye contact I back him up with my body (backing him up the whole city block if necessary) until he gives me eye contact. He caught on really quickly and is looking at me much more readily. I’ve also noticed that he’s more in-tune with where my legs are at. Making him more inclined to stop himself before I have to correct him. I see progress! Remember to follow through till eye correction–this goes for the walk and in the house! They really respect you for it! Lead Your Dog!