One of my neighbors called me concerned because their dog had lost a toe-nail and was bleeding heavily. The situation got me thinking about pet first aid kits and items to have on hand in case of emergency. I explored some pet first aid kits and the AKC brand has the most pieces for the price. There is not an extensive list of what is included which disappoints me and keeps me thinking I’d rather create my own. Certainly the AKC kit contains all the essential items and then some and is the easier option as far as preparing (just click “add to cart”)! However if you have a substantial home first aid kit, chances are you won’t need to add that many items for your pet first aid kit. The below list is my personal suggestions for creating your own pet first aid kit. Best to put these items in some sort of box or bag in a location that is quickly accessible and easily remembered. All these prices are very reasonable and it’s worth considering purchasing online.

Pepcid (relieves upset stomach, 1/2 tablet for 20-60 pounds: less=1/4 tab, more= 1 tab)
Benadryl (helps relieve swellings and itching from allergic reactions and is used long-term to treat allergies.  The dose is one milligram for every pound given twice daily)
Aspirin (relieve inflammation and pain, do not give Asprin to cats; 1 tablet per 60 pounds; do not use acetaminophen or ibuprofen)
Gauze (roll or squares)
Vet wrap/Vetrap (sticks to itself but not fur, read a review here)
Styptic powder (causes blood to clot quickly–great for nail or ear bleeding; corn starch works in a pinch. Reviewed here)
Waterproof or first aid tape
Petroleum jelly (to aid the taking of temperature rectally)
A muzzle (the sweetest of dogs may lash out when in deep pain; be sure to order the correct size)
Tweezers (a common enough item around the house, but if you need them in a hurry, it’s nice to have them in a kit)
Laminated information card (primary and secondary contact phone numbers, vet contact, and your dog’s primary health information: weight, age, health issues, behavioral issues, medication, etc)
For more information on over the counter drug dosages here’s a helpful website: