Dog agility classes are a great way to enhance communication with your dog. I recently reviewed three agility books by Jane Simmons-Moake on my dog product review site ( You can read the review on those agility books here. To continue along the theme I wanted to highlight some agility equipment that can be purchased on Amazon if you wish to teach or supplement your teaching at home.

18 foot Tunnel: $45, not professional grade material but it does teach the job and is more suited to agility than a children’s play tunnel due to the size of the opening and the great length.

Collapsed Tunnel Chute. $46. I feel like this one isn’t quite worth it. I would rather purchase the 18 foot tunnel and just tie a sheet onto the end to teach the “chute” obstacle. Some of the reviews stated that they got it for $10 or $20, but I think they must have raised the price since then. I would check back on this one every few months to see if they lower the price again. For $20 I think it would definitely be worth it!

Petsafe Agility Weave Poles. $56. If you want to teach weave poles for cheap, you can purchase some PVC pipe and drive it into the ground in your backyard. But if you want to be able to mow your yard and still teach weave poles, this product isn’t bad. It also works well if you want to set up a course indoors. They aren’t super duper stable, but they will get the job done. Excelling at poles means practice, practice, practice!

Tire jump. For only $20 this product is definitely worth it. The “tire” they include is basically worthless, but if you purchase a cheap hula hoop (from a dollar store) and replace the tire with the hoop you will be golden. It’s hard to construct something yourself to hold up a hula hoop (believe me, I’ve tried) so $20 for a frame is worth it for me.

Lastly the bar jump. Here is a set of four for $90. I know, you just said “Ninety dollars?” but everywhere else they cost $55 for ONE! These come with a nice carrying case and are adjustable to your desired height.  Again, trying to make PVC jumps yourself can be done, I just found it extremely trying and unrewarding. Spend $90 and skip the stress.

Agility classes are often offered at your local park district for a small fee or at many dog training facilities. Whether you decide to invest in a group class or teach your dog yourself, you are sure to have a blast! All breeds can do agility from Chihuahuas to Great Danes! I’ll leave you with a photo of myself and Mr. Bennett my schnauzer at agility class. Lead your dog!