There are many compelling reasons to use a one-a-month topical flea and tick preventative such as Frontline.  I do think that there are situations in which flea medication is generally not needed or can be applied only during certain months such as if you live in a city and your dog rarely has interactions with other dogs. However if you let your dog in a backyard where there are animal droppings (especially racoon and squirrel) or if your dog is frequently at the boarders or dog park then it is wise to keep up with the regimented applications. I am also not a die-heart Frontline fan. I find it to be quite expensive ($10-$30 a month). If you can afford to keep up with the dosages, it will keep fleas off your pets indefinitely. It’s also worth considering other less-expensive brands of flea and tick preventative such as BioSpot ($19 for a 6 month supply).

If your dog has fleas you need to take several steps to remove them. First, I would purchase at least one month’s supply of Frontline since it is the most affective flea preventative treatment. Secondly, I would purchase the Capstar Flea Treatment which will kill the adult fleas on your animal (note, it will not kill the eggs or larvae–you will still need Frontline). Your veterinarian will sell you Capstar and Frontline at the office but they will be extremely overpriced. By purchasing both on Amazon, you will save yourself some moo-lah!  Please note that Capstar is a one-time oral pill that may cause your pet to increase in itching or become uncomfortable, but it will not harm your pet and will kill off adult fleas. It’s also not a bad idea to bring your pet to a groomer for a flea bath (call in advance as they will want to be prepared for your arrival to prevent spreading).

Fleas are a huge pest and once your pet and house are infested it can take extreme measures to get rid of all the eggs and prevent a re-infestation. Do yourself a favor and take precautions to prevent it happening at all! Clean up after your pooch’s potty and if your pet has stepped in another dog’s feces, wash their feet before they have a chance to lick them (don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t think about it). Finally, check the internet for peak flea seasons in your area and take extra precautions during that time.

Lead your dog!