What does work mode in dog training mean?

Work mode occurs when the dog is focused on its job. You can help a dog into work mode by placing a backpack on his back. Often it causes a change in the dog’s demeanor. His head lowers, his ears are back, he doesn’t pull on the leash, and he is not easily distracted. Service dogs often wear a backpack, sign, vest, or bandanna to alert the dog when he’s working. I place a backpack on my dogs when we go for a pack hike. If I take them out without a backpack on, it usually means we are either going to the dog park, or we’re just headed out for a quick pee. Work mode also occurs when your energy and body language communicate that it’s time to work. Dogs that are trained in agility, know that when they head into the arena, it’s not time to play; they are in work mode. (Have fun? Yes. Play? No.) When I put a racing harness on my pointer, it communicates to him that it’s time for him to do his job: pull me. He is not to be distracted but focus on my voice and keep the line taunt.

When your dog is in work mode, it means he has a job and he knows he’s working. Work mode is great for tiring your dog out because it works their mind–they have to focus and not become distracted.

Hope this clears things up! Lead your dog!