Do you keep track of your dog’s progress? I am greatly benefited from journaling about many areas of my life–it helps me process things wisely. Sometimes it’s easy to get fixated on that one training element that your dog doesn’t seem to get instead of seeing all that he has learned! When you feel discouraged with training is the perfect time to stop and reflect! Here’s what I mean.

Princeton (since we’ve adopted him two years ago)


  • Much more sensitive to leash corrections
  • Not so flighty or fearful
  • Social behavior greatly improved with people and dogs
  • Has a better idea of personal space
  • Slowed down when eating
  • Put on weight
  • Food aggression is gone
  • Gets into “work mode” while walking
  • Trustable off-leash
  • Doesn’t jump up
  • Completely¬†house trained
Things we’re still working on:
  • Staying next to me on the walk
  • Being at ease around children
  • Him trusting Boxers
I think the to-do list is very long, but in reality we’ve come so far! Wooo! Lead your dog!