A girl from church told me that she wanted to get a dog, but she had no idea what to expect because she has never owned a dog before. My suggestion was to lend her my schnauzer, Mr. Bennett, for a few days. That way she can actually see what it’s like to own a four-legged friend instead of just hearing about it. However, I knew that I couldn’t be dog-less, so I gave her Ben while I was boarding a daschund named Casey. We have been having a blast! This old man (he’s 11, but you’d never know) makes me laugh every single day. My favorite things about Casey is how he BURROWS! The dude sleeps under two fleece blankets (which he arranges and gets under by himself) and often nothing is sticking out except a nose. It’s hilarious. I love the way he scratches his long back on the floor by wiggling his butt, belly-side up. I love that often you can’t tell if he’s sitting or standing because he doesn’t get any shorter when he sits. Another precious thing about Casey? I took him over to my parent’s house and he really bonded with my sister Lizzy (she has special needs, but Casey sure didn’t know!).  Enough words. Meet the guy in photos:

He arranged these blankets himself:

Ah well. All in all, I like Daschund’s… Lead your dog!