My little Emma Penelope is now 6 months old–Wow, how time flies! It has been an amazing journey so far, and I am looking forward to even more that God is going to teach me through this little one.

We ended up giving Princeton to our friend’s  in Kentucky because I wasn’t able to give him as much exercise as he needed. Nothing bad happened to cause us to want to re-home him, but when I realized that it would be better for everyone involved including him, it just made sense. Sounds like he’s getting plenty loved on. Click here to see Princeton with his new family:

Meanwhile, Mr. Bennett has adjusted great to being Emma’s…brother/pack member/kindly Uncle. He is a faithful companion to her when she’s in her highchair (wonder why) and lays next to her in the sunshine. He gently but firmly keeps other dogs away from her at the dog park (it’s quite sweet actually, but I am careful not to let him get too bossy). Highlight of their interactions so far was that they were laying next to each other by the window and I walked away for a moment. I heard him yelping and ran back in only to find that Emma had him by the beard and he was just calling for me to help him out. He could have disciplined her like a puppy by gently using his teeth to correct her, but instead he just called for help. What a sweetie pie.

Life is pretty awesome right now I must say. Lead your dog!