My services:

Grooming: $25 for a full groom (bath, teeth, nails, ears, anal glands, hair cut)

Boarding: $40/day (you supply all food). Dogs are boarded in my home with my two dogs and husband. We take a long walk each morning and two quick potty breaks in the afternoon and evening. Most of the day the dogs are sleeping. Dog will receive personal care while boarding here. We live on the third floor, so if your dog has problem with stairs and is too large to carry, we might not be the best option. I am happy to accommodate all special needs that I can including special diet, seniors, and behavioral considerations.

Training: $40 flat fee for a 2 hour consultation session where we will tackle your dog’s trouble areas and come up with a game plan using my method of intervention and positive reinforcement.

If you live in the Chicago area and would like to do a training consultation, feel free to contact me.

Amanda Shih